Project LEAD

Begun in 2015 to advance and update the Center’s earlier initiative, Diversity at the Blackboard (2006), Project LEAD (Leaders in Education Advocating for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) is a collaborative endeavor that brings faculty and diverse students from multiple campuses together to build a structure and toolbox to:

    •  Identify and explore the demographics of the teacher and student pipeline and collaborate to improve the numbers alignment so that more students across Illinois experience a diverse teacher and teachers who are allies supporting diversity, equity and inclusion;
    •  Understand and celebrate the value of a diverse pool of teacher candidates to all students, teachers, schools and districts;
    •  Celebrate the profession of teaching & inspire others to celebrate and elevate teaching;
    • Increase and support the number of talented and diverse candidates of color who become teachers and the significant contributions they make to the profession;
    •  Network & collaborate with both faculty and students across each campus and from campus to campus and along with education stakeholders,  build a toolbox and structure to encourage others to consider the profession of teaching and to sustain candidates during their preparation and into the profession; and
    •  Advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion for all.